As pet owners ourselves, we at Nutmeg Spay/Neuter Clinic understand that you only want the best for your loyal companion. The benefit spay/neuter offers will help your furry friend live a longer, healthier, happier life: You'll be able to reduce the risk of deadly diseases such as mammary and testicular cancers; your male will have a lessened drive to mate and assert territorial dominance; your female will avoid a deadly uterine infection called pyometra plus unwanted litters of kittens; your cat or kitten will be less likely to roam, to show aggression, and do damage to your home. 

Spay/Neuter Prices for Cats

Spay/neuter services are available for cats and kittens that are at least 3 pounds and 3 months of age. On the morning of surgery, our veterinarian will clear your cat by performing a brief examination. If your cat is deemed overweight, our vet will use his discretion on whether we can go forward for surgery with a difficulty charge or if your cat needs to lose weight before he or she can have surgery; there is no extra charge for pregnancy.
You can assess the BMI of your animal by viewing our cat body-weight assessment guide here.

State law requires that all companion animals be up-to-date on rabies vaccines. If your cat or kitten is up-to-date, please bring his/her rabies certificate with you on the morning of surgery or have your veterinarian email or fax the rabies certificate to us. If your cat or kitten is not up-to-date, we can vaccinate him/her the same day as surgery.

We understand that for reasons beyond your control, you might miss your appointment. We are happy to reschedule you 
once at no extra cost. However, if you miss your appointment a second time, you will be charged a $25 rescheduling fee. 
We encourage you to commit to your appointment. If you decide to cancel your appointment for a nonmedical reason, 
you will be refunded your payment minus a 20% processing fee.

Our rates are as follows:


                                                                                      Female Cats

                                                                                      Male Cats

Cat Packages
Basic: spay/neuter surgery                                  $110
plus rabies & distemper vaccines

Silver: Spay/neuter surgery plus                        $140
rabies & distemper vaccines 
and parasite treatments of
Revolution and Profender

Gold: Spay/neuter surgery                                   $175
plus rabies & distemper vaccines,
parasite combo, FeLV/FIV test & nail

Vaccinations and Other Services

Rabies vaccination                                                                  $20
FVRCP vaccination                                                                  $20
FeLV/FIV Test                                                                          $35
Cryptorchid surgery                                                                $75
   (undescended, per testicle)
Open Umbilical Hernia Repair                                             $35
Difficult Surgery                                                                    varies
Late dropoff/pickup charge                     $15 every half hour
Antibiotics (post-surgery,                                               varies
    if necessary)
Microchip                                                                                  $20
Topical Parasite Treatment  (Revolution)                          $20
Broad-spectrum dewormer (Profender)                          $20
Capstar(24-hour flea treatment)                                          $5  
Nail Trim                                                                                      $5
Feral Cat Program
Only $55

Please Note: Our feral cat program does not pertain to tame/friendly strays or companion animals. Ferals are unsocialized, wild cats that congregate in colonies and reproduce at an alarming rate in which the only way to get the population under control is Trap/Neuter/Release (TNR). Feral cats should be cared for by a caretaker for feeding and maintenance of the colony. 

Our extra-low cost feral cat package includes spay/neuter surgery, rabies & FVRCP (distemper combination) vaccines, a brief exam, subcutaneous fluids and an ear tip, which is a cut across the top of the left ear to easily denote the cat has been spayed/neutered and vaccinated. Under this program, ear tips are required; there are no exceptions. 

All ferals must arrive in a humane trap with a clean towel lining the bottom and a sheet covering the trap; please see below if you need to borrow a trap from us. We require that only one cat is in each trap and that food has been removed by midnight the night before surgery. If a cat is deemed friendly by our staff, the price will be adjusted to the regular spay/neuter price.

Equipment Loans

Humane Hav-A-Hart or                                     $100 deposit with 
Tru-Catch Traps:                                               credit card imprint

Large or small dog crates:                deposit price upon request
Transfer cage:                                     deposit price upon request

8 a.m.
4:30 p.m.
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