Post-Operative Instructions

Post-Op Instructions

Pets usually make a full and speedy recovery if post-operative care is enforced. Your pet has had surgery and needs time to heal. . To ensure the best outcome, we ask that you strictly observe the following post-op guidelines. Failure to do so will increase the risk of infection and discomfort of your pet; we cannot be held responsible if you do not follow these steps. In the unlikely event that complications arise, we have options for you to help your pet recover at a minimal cost.

Follow These Instructions to Ensure Your Pet's Recovery

  • NO running, jumping, playing or strenuous activity for 7 to 10 days after surgery. Pets should stay indoors and be kept quiet. Please keep dogs on a leash at all times when taking them out for a short walk and having them go out to pee and poop.  Cats must be kept inside during this period. 
  • Keep your pet dry for 7 to 10 days. No baths, swimming or rolling in wet grass.The top layer of the surgical incision is closed with dissolving suture. The tattoo is sealed with surgical glue and will come open if the area gets wet. 
  • Prevent your pet from licking the incision by purchasing an E-Collar. There are no external stitches to remove; they are all underneath the skin, where they naturally dissolve over the next few months.
  • Check on the incision twice a day. What you see at pickup is normal: There should be no discharge or swelling and minimal redness. If you do see anything concerning, do not hesitate to call or email us.
  • Offer your pet food and water when you get home. While your pet's appetite may be lower than normal, it's important to keep with a regular diet. Avoid feeding table scraps, as ingestion of this food may cause issues that mask crucial post-op symptoms.
  • Do not give your pet any medications except under the advice of your own veterinarian. Never give your pet Advil, Tylenol, aspirin or the like following the operation. During your pet's surgery, your pet received a long-acting injectable pain medication called meloxicam, which lasts up to 24 hours. Please present your post-op sheet to your veterinarian should your pet need to be seen within 30 days after surgery; your veterinarian must know that your pet received meloxicam.
  •  Some animals feel like themselves right away while others recover more slowly; dogs may have a slight cough for a few days due to intubation. Lethargy lasting more than 48 hours after surgery, diarrhea or vomiting are not normal; if this occurs, call our clinic recheck line at 203-690-1550 during business hours or call your own vet on the days we are not here. You are also welcome to contact any of our recheck veterinarians, which are here and were sent home with your pet's
    post-op form.
Dog post-op video:                                                                                               Cat post-op video:


Please refer to THIS LIST of participating veterinarians who will be happy to see your pet for a recheck if you have a concern and our clinic is not open. Our clinic is closed Friday Saturday and Sunday. There is no cost for a recheck appointment except if the veterinarian needs to administer a medication or perform a procedure on your pet; that cost depends on what that particular veterinarian charges. The same applies to our clinic.  

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