Happy Endings for Mojo, Mischa & Cappy

Meet Mojo and Mischa – These kitties say that mommy, Rona, “spoils us rotten with endless toys, scratching posts, climbing apparatuses, and the best of the best wet and dry food.” She even got us “groovy tattoos” when she brought us to Nutmeg Clinic to get spayed, neutered, vaccinated, and chipped. These guys are two lucky ones who were rescued and given a home. Thank you, Rona, for saving Mojo and Mischa and treating them at Nutmeg Spay/Neuter Clinic.

This handsome boy came to New Hope Clinic as part of a feral cat TNR event. It was not long before the medical team realized he was very friendly and was probably at one time someone’s pet but was now homeless. It was arranged with the trapper that she leave this big orange boy at the clinic, hoping to rehome him. He was given the name Captain and lovingly called “Cappy.” The medical team neutered him and treated his injured leg, and a blood test revealed he was FIV positive. He remained at the clinic for four months until Katie, the New Hope Clinic admin, gave in and took him home. Katie is now part of Nutmeg’s admin team, and we met Captain when he came in to be examined by Dr. Emily. These days Cappy is super happy, warm, and loved.

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