Meet Millie & Jorge

What does ‘Pets For Life’ really mean? For some folks, keeping a pet (or pets) for life can be challenging when faced with the many hurdles that life brings. Some people find neighborhood cats living without shelter or care and want to help but don’t know how, or don’t have the means. Meet Millie & Jorge, one of the first families we met when Nutmeg Spay/Neuter Clinic launched our Pets for Life program in January 2018.

Millie and Jorge have included their beloved companions in every life decision. No matter how or where they found their pets (or did their pets find them?)- the truth is, Millie & Jorge have never considered giving up any of their most loyal friends. As a two- and four-legged family, they have soldiered thru multi-state relocations, moving into new homes and routines.

For this couple, ‘Pets For Life’ means more than pet ownership. It means unconditional love offered to all of their pets. PFL offers services and support to people who care for and provide safekeeping to personally and community-owned pets. Millie and Jorge not only have their in-house companion animals but also help free-roaming cats in their neighborhood. Millie & Jorge have joined us in the fight against animal homelessness and overpopulation as they spread the word about PFL to their neighbors.

Millie & Jorge give to the animals, and in return, they get back four-legged love and loyalty. So as you see, Pets For Life, to Millie & Jorge, means just THAT- for LIFE!

Please consider donating this Giving Tuesday to help support the tireless work that PFL does in the community, so we can continue to assist in keeping people like Millie & Jorge and their pets together- furever.

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